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Welcome to MindSpace

The full version 1.2c of MindSpace is available as a free download.
Download MindSpace

Requirements: AmigaOS 4.1 and needs to be in SOBJS:

A preview of MindSpace 2 is available here. MindSpace 2 is a complete rewrite of the original progra, with many more features planned:
work on multiple diagrams at the same time, inport/export SVG and ODG files etc

The full version 1.2b of MindSpace was made available as a free release on 8 Aug 2012.
Download MindSpace

Version 1.2b of MindSpace was released on 07 February 2010.
"Quit menu" and "AISS assign" bugs fixed.

Version 1.2a of MindSpace was released on 06 February 2010.
It is mostly a maintenance release to make the blasted thing work under OS4.1 Update 1.

Registered users can visit here to grab previous versions.It is no longer possible to register MindSpace.

We added a couple of new features for the 1.1 release (April 2008). You can now create simple DTP type layouts like this.

You can now download a sneak preview of MindSpace 2 for AmigaOS4. It's very early on in the development process, but we hope you like it so far.

The latest Demo version of MindSpace can be obtained here (updated February 2010).

MindSpace AST 2005-8 All Rights Reserved
Developed by Yoodoo/Riba