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1.0 Features
  • Input/Output
    • Native .mso format
    • .svg format
    • Datatypes support for image export
  • Maps/Diagrams
    • Mind Map and Brainstorm primitives
    • Flowchart primitives
    • Use Case primitives
    • Class Model primitives
    • Full range of line and connector objects
    • Flexible properties for all objects, including line and fill colours, line weight, label options etc
    • Full range of standard and custom paper sizes supported
    • Folding nodes to hide/reveal diagram sub-sections
    • Object rotation and flipping
  • Interface
    • Tabbed toolbox
    • Support for Amiga Image Storage System  (AISS)
    • Full support of zoom in/out, snap-to-grid etc
    • Crop paper size to fit diagram prior to export
    • Anti-aliased drawings routines
    • Revolutionary (ahem) QuickDraw interface options

Future Development
  • Development of MindSpace 1 has now been frozen while we work on MindSpace 2. Key new features of MindSpace 2 (eg full svg import, printing) will be back ported to MindSpace 1 as and when appropriate.

Known Bugs and Issues
  • Drawing updates can be a little slow when using Anti-Aliasing. Using Text boxes and frames can be a little clumsy and may crash when exporting to .png or .pdf using svgtools. This is due to bugs in the current svg.datatype rather than MindSpace itself doing anything naughty.

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